Ordering Prescriptions

The online prescription ordering line is ending and patients are wondering how they continue to order their medications. You have several options as follows.

  • Call your preferred pharmacy and have them order it for you. They will contact us and place the order for you.
  • Stop by Sixways and drop off a paper medication request. We have a letter box available 24/7 near the front door.
  • Order online through SystmOne online access. Any medications that require a GP review or are prescribed acutely can be typed in the free text box and submitted, otherwise order directly off your repeat list.
  • Order online through NHS App. This is only available for medications on your repeat list. For other items, please use one of the other methods.
  • Stop by in person and speak with reception to request.

Do we take medication requests over the phone? Only if you are requesting an acute medication or your repeat medication requires a review. Other than this, you need to order your medications through one of the other options.