Gloucester Click or Call First campaign

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning group have launched their local winter ‘Click or Call First’ campaign highlighting the benefits of going online or calling first if your illness or injury is not life threatening. The local campaign is closely aligned to the national 111 First campaign, but the local approach also includes messaging up front on the role of GP surgeries.

The campaign is clear that if you are experiencing a medical emergency, the right course of action is to call 999 or attend the Emergency Department (A&E). You will not be turned away if ‘walking in’ to local emergency units.

The messaging is also clear that if you have symptoms of COVID-19, your symptoms worsen during self-isolation at home and you need medical advice, you should contact your GP surgery or click or call 111.

One of our GP partners, Dr Mala Ubhi has spoken to Gloucestershire Live about the new campaign. Please see the link below: – What Gloucestershire GPs say happens next with covid vaccine