Firearms Licence Applications or Renewal

There has been a change in the requirements when applying or renewing a fire arms licence. They now contains new proposals on the arrangements for assessing the medical suitability of applicants which will mean that no one is given a firearms licence unless a doctor has confirmed to the police whether or not they have any relevant medical conditions, including an assessment of their mental health. This now means that every grant and renewal application submitted will need to be accompanied by a letter from a suitably qualified doctor registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) who is licensed to practice. This applies even if you do not have any relevant medical conditions.

This work is not included within GP’s contracted work and is classed as private work, for which a charge can be made. Unfortunately given the current workload within general practice Sixways Clinic do not feel that they have capacity to undertake this work, we therefore will not be able to accept any requests for either new applications or renewals. There are online companies such as MedCert and ShootCert who are registered with the GMC, licensed to practice and who are able to perform the required tasks and to send you the appropriate completed letter.

MedCert (apply online)


Tel: 020 8063 4503

ShootCert (apply online)