Covid Vaccinations for Health and Social Care Staff

All NHS organisations have been asked to mobilise a Hospital Hub to support the delivery of vaccinations for health and social care staff. Gloucestershire Health and Care and GHT will be establishing a Hospital Hub over the next 10 days.

GHC have also been approved as a Hospital Hub Vaccination site at Edward Jenner Brockworth to enable the Trust to receive vaccine to further support the vaccination programme for the County.

Colleagues will be aware that Boots in East Gate Street Gloucester will be live on the national booking system from the 25th January, ahead of this time they have offered to provide vaccinations for health and social care staff between the 20th – 24th January, this will provide us with additional capacity to ensure the remaining 20,000 health and social care staff receive an offer of being vaccinated by mid-February.

All appointments for Gloucestershire health and social care staff will continue to be booked through the local booking system (not the national).

Sarah Scott (Director of Public Health) and Marion Andrews-Evans (Executive Nurse) have written the attached letter to any independent and/or self-employed health and social care professionals. In the meantime please direct any requests to