Covid Vaccination Programme Update

As of Tuesday 2nd February we have vaccinated 1879 people registered at Sixways Clinic. We also successfully visited and vaccinated the majority of housebound patients yesterday and have vaccinated every patient we currently have within a residential care home.

We are still continuing to invite our 70 – 74 yrs patients and those in an ‘at risk’ group. We hope to be nearing the end of this group by the 14th February and moving onto our next cohort.

Text message invites continue to go out to those with a mobile phone number on record. If you do not have a mobile, smart phone or do not reply, our Covid call centre WILL contact you directly to book your first appointment.

We continue to improve the way we are doing things and we thank you for your patience as some of this is as new to us as it is to you!
We are only allowed to invite patients as specified by the guidelines, cohort by cohort….Thank you to everyone for your fantastic support to date.