Common queries patients have contacted the practice about

We have collected some common queries that patients have been contacting the practice with. The vast majority of these queries can be answered by looking at NHS and UK Government information sites. Staff at the practice will not deal with these enquiries.

If you do phone the practice with these questions our reception staff will direct you to the resources listed below.

Where can I find advice about COVID-19?

The best place for advice about COVID-19 is on the NHS website:

I am not sure if I should be social distancing

This GOV.UK page has all the advice you need about who should be social distancing and what it means:

Am I considered at very high risk from COVID-19?

The UK Government wants to ‘shield’ those that are at very high risk of illness from COVID-19. Patients in that group will receive a communication in the coming days to let them know if they are in the very high risk group. Details on what that means can be found here:

I take inhalers regularly for my asthma – what should I do?

Please continue to order your medication as normal. We will provide prescriptions for your usual inhalers for one month at a time as usual. If you are running low on your reliever inhaler (blue/salbutamol/Ventolin) we can provide an extra inhaler.

I have a diagnosis of asthma but do not take regular steroid inhalers – can I request inhalers?

If you have not had prescriptions of inhalers for 12 months or more we will not issue a prescription. If you become ill and feel you need inhalers you should contact the surgery and will be directed to have a triage phone call with a clinician. If you have had a salbutamol inhaler in the last 12 months we may issue one inhaler.

If you have had a steroid or combination inhaler in the last three months we may issue an inhaler

I have a diagnosis of asthma and I have read I need a ‘rescue pack’ at home

Rescue packs of steroids and/or antibiotics are part of the treatment plan for some, but not all, patients with asthma. We will be providing rescue packs for patients we have identified as high risk or those that have required emergency treatment with steroids and antibiotics over the last year.

I have asthma and I am concerned by symptoms are getting worse – what should I do?

If you are concerned that your asthma is getting worse please contact the surgery for a phone appointment with a doctor.

I would like an extra set of medication at home ‘just in case’

We are not anticipating shortages of medication. We will not be providing “just in case” routine medications.

How do I get a sick note if I’m self-isolating?

If you have been told to self-isolate for 7 days or more, either by official advice, NHS111 or a health professional, you will be able to get an isolation note via 111 online: This would be available to those with Coronavirus symptoms and also those living with someone who has symptoms.

Please note that you can only get an isolation note if you have been told to stay at home by official advice, NHS 111 or a healthcare professional.